This is my first game that I made for a Udemy gamedev course. It's a top-down shooter 2D where you play like a square tomato :P

Don't forget to set the full screen size!


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This is amazing :) ! Well done mate, both me and Liam are so impressed by what you've created ! What stands out most to me is the beautiful, very unique art style. I love the environments and texture added to the ground.
The sound effects and music are also really cool, as well as the weapons and how they rest on the ground with that little drop shadow. You've added all these neat details that make the game feel polished and fun.
The only down point I can find here is perhaps shooting. I would have made the projectiles a bit larger, they do look and feel a bit weak and "limp". For a shooter game, as a player I would love to wield something powerful, that shoots large, cool looking projectiles ! 
But yeah other than that great job !! I didn't reach the boss fight unfortunately, would love to see some screenshots of him on the discord server or on Twitter ! 
Keep it up dude, looking forward to seeing what you'll be making next !

Hey Blackthornprod! Thank you so much for your feedback :) You are right about the projectiles, they should be more powerful ;)
I'll keep it in mind for future projects :D
I encourage you to continue playing to reach the boss! :P